Set of 23 m X 16 m X 7 m (height)

Set area: 368m2.

Cyclorama with “L” shape of 14 m (frontal) x 6m (height); 13m (left) x 6 (height).

9 metal structures (6 m x 3 m) for illumination, adjustable in height and inclination.

Ceement floor and Platerboard cyclorama.

Current supply of 200 kW. (SERVICEVISION is not responsable of a supply current cut or any other current supply problem).

Door set is 5,5 m by 4 m (for trucks).

Mixed zone of 115 m2.

Room of 42 m2. Wi-fi are included.

Dressing room of 26 m2. A restroom with a toilet, a sink, hot water shower.

The restroom includes a toilet and a sink.

Set officer from 8.00am to 20.00pm.

Water source


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