SET 2/3




  • Set of 52 m x 21 m x 7 m (height).

    Set area: 1092 m2

    Cyclorama with "L" shape of 18 m (frontal) x 6 m (height); 15 m (right) x 6 m (height).

    28 metal structures (6 m x 3 m) for ilumination adjustable in height and inclination.

    Cement floor and Plasterboard cyclorama.

    Current supply of 200 kW (Servicevision will not be responsible for any kind of problem related with electric supply).

    Set of two doors of 5,5m x 4m.

    2 Rooms, one of 11 m2 and the other of 30 m2. WI-FI are included.

    2 Dressing rooms.

    2 restrooms with a toilet and a sink.

    2 Bathrooms with a toilet, sink and a shower (with hot water).

    Sets officer from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm.

    Water source
  • Fridge

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