Following with the concept of the light series cranes like the Scorpio 10’ and the Scorpio 17’, Servicevision adds the NEW Scorpio 23’L .It is also three section light telescopic crane for payloads until 40Kg in both under and over slung, ideal for the television and broadcast market. By reducing the payload capacity, Servicevision designed the new Servicevision 23’L as a much lighter crane compering to the popular Scorpio 23’ (for 70kgs payload). This lighter arm allows it to be supported in the same column and same adjustable dolly as the Scorpio10’ and 17’. This dolly has articulated arms that allows to change its width for standard dolly tracks of 62cm and for 40cm Scorpio tracks, it also allows a very small and compact configuration for taxiing to go through standard office doorway (80cm) to access to any possible location. It also shares the same telescopic column that risers-up an extra 36cm.

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