What is the Scorpio Arm?

The Scorpio Arm is not a Crane, is not a car, is not a Stabilized Head.

The Scorpio Arm is a different concept of Camara Car. With it we can do camera movements from a car controlled from inside driving at high speed and having images more stables, dynamics, and with all safety measures for the members of the team.

Outside we have an arm of 3,5 meters (extensible to 5,6 meters), one stabilized head Scorpio and the camera.

Inside we have the driver, the arm operator, the head operator, the focus puller and the DOP, all of them comfortable sit, safety, communicated between them and with the precision driver with wireless head phones, and looking the images from 5 high resolution monitors (HD and SDI).

The design of the arm allows putting the camera as high as other existing equipments, maintaining the centre of gravity closed to the car than our competitors.

With this design the system is more stable, safety and

All this, together with its digital control that allows pre-recorded positions, set limits, movements memorized, make this the most technologically advanced of its kind 



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