Modular crane designed and built by ServiceVision to minimize to the maximum the weight of equipment enables to reach up to 13 meters away from the center of rotation of the camera, with 70 kg. load or up to 15 m with 45 Kg. load.

This is achieved through the use of carbon fiber in the construction of the arms. The arms are subject between them by a locking system that allows a rapid, easy and practical assembly and disassembly.

Each section of the arm is 2 m 77’ long which allows configurations from 3 m to 15 m long.

The stabilization of the movement of the arm is by tension cables, adjusting different tensions according to the length of the cable, and a mechanical stabilization system to minimize the harmonics created, providing some stability during the stoppage of the movement.

30cm Column riser.

The crane dolly can be mounted in both 62cm and 1m tracks for travelling movements.

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