SERVICEVISION is a unique company, founded in Barcelona in 1986 by the Andrés and Alfredo Vallés brothers with the aim of providing technical services to the film industry. The company began with the development of optical systems and later became involved in the manufacture and rental of equipment for film shoots. In movies like The Lord of the Rings, King Kong, James Bond or Superman, the camera mounts feature the iconic Servicevision scorpion, whose cranes, hot heads and remote controls can be seen on set anywhere in the world. Our building also houses a set of film and television sets.


Servicevision is the result of the constant work of a team moved by the determination of the Vallés brothers to create new and sophisticated equipment in Spain that allows film or video cameras to move with great stability, as well as to remotely control their parameters. Servicevision is a company where more than 50 employees work in the development, manufacture and rental of equipment .

Our headquarters are located in Cornellá de Llobregat (Barcelona) , next to the Ronda de Dalt, very close to the El Prat Airport. The good development of the company and the growth of our activities have created the need for us to build a seven-story building in which the equipment is designed and manufactured, rents are stored and managed, and where four sets have been built.

In total, the Servicevision headquarters has a constructed area of ​​more than 12,000 m 2 .

Years later, the Vallés brothers founded Servicevison USA as headquarters in the United States to offer rental and after-sales services for Scorpio equipment designed and manufactured in the parent company Servicevision Bis S.L. from Spain.


Servicevision has specialized in the design and manufacture of supports for the movement of cameras: cranes, traveling, hot heads, remote controls, special optics and recorders for video assistance .

All highly specialized equipment, with an offer in the international market, that incorporate advanced electronic technology.


For the manufacture and maintenance of this equipment Servicevision has R + D workshops that serve the areas of software, electronics, optics and mechanics, apart from the manufacturing and assembly, equipped with high-tech machines for manufacturing processes, quality control and test benches . All the elements are designed and manufactured in the Servicevision plant, since we have specialized personnel in different areas, especially mechanics, electronics and optics.

For the development of the prototypes and taking advantage of the parallel rental activity, we take into account all the suggestions of the clients, to whom we go to test the prototypes before putting the final products on the market. The relationship established with clients is very close, offering a guarantee to our teams and technical attention during filming.


A very important activity of Servicevision is the rental of equipment for film and television filming ( Cameras, Optics, Lights, Cranes; Sets ….). We have warehouses with a 24-hour delivery service and repair, transformation and target collimation workshops, with precision equipment and technical staff. In 2004 S ervicevision USA was born in Los Angeles, so that from there we can provide our services to the rest of the world more effectively.