Full color LED for filming, stage productions, First bulb events, advertising, ambience, etc.

Its size is that of a normal LED bulb with E27 socket and a universal power supply from 90 to 250V, as well as a connection for a 5 to 18V power supply.

It has a CRMX receiver, as well as RF and Bluetooth modules for AsteraApp.

It displays precise colors and white tones with CRI and TLCI greater than 96. All this thanks to the incorporation of the LED chip that also incorporates the Titan tube range



  • Colors: Red, Green, Blue, Mint, Amber
  • Luminous flux: 750lm
  • Total LED power: 14W
  • Maximum power consumption: 10W
  • TLCI (3200-6500K): ≥96
  • CRI (3200-6500K): ≥96
  • Strobe: 0-25Hz
  • Beam angle: 120˚
  • Wide angle: 180˚
  • Pixels: 1
  • Set consisting of 8 Nyx Bulb, 1 Power Station, 8 CupBouncers, 8 USB cables and 1 48VDC PSU
  • Configure through AsteraApp or Base Station
  • Wireless Modules: UHF, CRMX, Bluetooth
  • DMX: Wireless DMX (CRMX)
  • Scope:
    • UHF: 100m
    • CRMX: 100m
    • Bluetooth: 3m

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