Rechargeable battery for Nyx Bulb with cable included.

Simply connect the built-in cable to the bulb’s DC connector to power it up.

In addition to the power function, as long as we have the connection active, the PowerStation acts as a remote screen with the ability to program DMX addresses, job settings, etc., which the bulb will store in its memory. You can also set colors, effects, brightness, etc., which the bulb will continue to display when it is in a socket or connected to an external power supply (Stand Alone mode).

The PowerStation has rear magnets that facilitate its installation and use in different applications. It also has specific guides in its housing to “connect” mounting accessories such as the TrackPin and the hook accessory.



  • Power IN: 24-48V
  • Power OUT: 15V 0,7A
  • Battery: 3350mAh/10,8V
  • Charging time: 5h


Set consisting of:

  • 8 PowerStation
  • 8 TrackPins
  • 8 hook accesories
  • 8 USB cables
  • 1 PSU 24VDC
  • 1 8-way adapter cable

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